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Nov 3, 2012 12:30pm PDT
, but obama strong in the states that count. that's where there is thero possibility there could be one winner of the most votes while the other gets the electrical. >> what are the battleground states? >> romney has about 191 locked up, he has to win florida, north carolina, virginia, he has to ton 0 ohio with 18, or find a substitute, maybe pennsylvania, if that's a reach, and add colorado, or something like iowa and new hampshire. >> virginia. >> i n't know why nor carolina is on -- north carolina is on that list. >> he already has it. >> new >> new hampshire, virgin, florida, ohio, wisconsin, colorado, nevada, and owif you t that through the grinder, you come out with one state, ohio. is that true? but you have nevada which is leaning towards obama and wisconsin is still leaning towards obama. ohio, is my view, is in dispense able. >> where did you read that nevada is leaning towards obama. >> i haven't seen a pollare romney leading first. it's one-third hispic, and this heavily unionized. >> i have people there and they don't think that at all. >> that's the wrong neighborhood.
Nov 4, 2012 3:30pm PST
, but president obama with a small but durable lead in the states that matter, and predictions show a race leaning towards the president. >> i don't necessarily agree with that. i think what people would argue is that it is very close, and it's tight in a number of states, okay? >> yeah. >> and the undecided are not -- the general view is that if they have held out this long, chances are they won't vote for the president. that's one argument. so a lot of people look at that in a positive sense. but who knows? >> we're going to find out. >> let mort finish. let's see -- what's the unemployment rate by thunemploy, the more relevant one is 6, that's 14.7%. >> you regard this as good news or bad news? the white house says there are 170,000 of new jobs, sectors are up. romney says sad news that unemployment is up, you know, by 1/10th of a point. >> what was it when obama took office? >> it's not saying unemployment has increased. >> it's higher since obama -- >> there are fewer jobs than when obama took office, so it's not been a great improvement in the economy. we've had a very -- >> c
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)